Tips: How buy the best teruel Black Truffle Tuber Melanosporum Black Truffle.

Here are some considerations to take into account when choosing a truffle:
Tips before buy the Best Black Truffle: SMELL
The black truffle (tuber melanosportum) gives off a strong and characteristic smell, since it contains about 150 volatile compounds that give rise to its aroma. However, each truffle can smell different, according to its origin, so from NATRUFFE we recommend you to be guided by your own tastes and choose the one that best suits you.
The fresh truffle has a colour from black to dark brown on the outside, but the important thing is on the inside. Ripe black truffles have a dark color inside, almost black, in addition to the white veins that this species has. However, the color will be lighter the more immature it is.
They must have a hard, even touch. A soft truffle is a clear indication that it is rotten inside, which nobody wants.
As a rule, get 5-10 grams per person per dish..

TIPS : How to preserve a truffle. Natruffe Teruel Black Truffle.

As it is a highly perishable food, it is convenient to store it in the best way possible. Otherwise, after a few days it could lose weight and worsen its appearance and properties.
i) Wrap them in kitchen paper, put them in a glass or plastic container, and keep them in a fridge at about 4-6ºC.
ii) Check them daily. If excessive moisture or condensation appears in the jar, replace the paper with new paper.
iii) Use them, if possible, within 7 days of harvest. Even in the fridge, they lose about 2% moisture daily. In addition, after a week they start to lose properties.
iv) Do not freeze them. A regular freezing will greatly damage its properties. However, you can go to a company with the right material for quick and efficient freezing.
v) If you see white spots, wash them with cold water and dry them well. bien.
Tips You can store other products (eggs, rice ...) along with the truffles, so that they acquire the aromas of it.

TIPS: HOW to Prepare a Teruel Black Tuffle.

Use specific cutting tools. You can make slices or scratch them into smaller pieces.