Teruel Black Truffle price and Black Truffle oil, From Our Lands To Your Senses.

We are a company specialized in producing and exporting Black Truffles from Teruel to Europe, the United States and Japan, guaranteeing the highest quality during transport until the delivery.
Our Black Truffles comes from Navarra and Teruel, two provinces famous for their long tradition and excellent climate for harvesting.
Our truffle is harvested directly from the productor and guaranteeing maximum freshness,we have especial and exclusive service for distributors and restaurants , We can delivery Black Truffles Tuber Melanosporum from Spain to Japan in 48 hours.
We are sure that you will enjoy our selection for this new season

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The 2019 - 2020 season has already begun!
It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the fresh truffle


Truffles, that precious tuber that makes mouthwatering the fans of gastronomy. This black diamond is expensive, even very expensive, and the posibility of profit incites some people unscrupulous to falsify the goods. For this reason is necessary to learn to recognize the varietys that you can found in the market.

Black Truffle, Black Truffle from Teruel and others Truffles

First and foremost, there are truffles and truffles. In Europe at this time there are 27 varieties recorded, but just seven of them are autorized for selling. However, not all have the same value in the market. The most common are the summer truffles (“Tuber aestivum”) . Their flesh have a colour beige when reach maturity, and the real black diamond, the black truffle (“tuber melanosporum”), is particularly well appreciated by the fans of gastronomy.
The cheapest of them is the chinese truffle (“tuber brumale”) they have been massively imported for fifteen years. You can find it mostly preserved. The chinese truffle, with a paler meat, at first glance may look like the black truffle and the only difference is that their white stripes are thicker than the melanosporum, but their flavour is disappointing, almost non-existent. The low price (fresh) in wholesalers makes obvious that some people may be tempted to sell it as the the black diamond. Is essencial to read with attention the label before buy to avoid any inconvenience.
The variety Tuber Melanosporum is harvested in France and Spain (Black Truffle from Teruel), and in Australia in summer. Having got to this point, it should be mentioned that the province of Teruel has acquired international prestige for the quality of his truffles.
It is always preferable to buy fresh truffles. The price per kilo is cheaper than the preserved, and much tastiers. NATRUFFE proposes you a mail order of truffles conditionated in vaccum. We are specialist in production and commercialization of Black truffle Tuber melanosporum and derived products. Our Truffles come from the spanish provinces of Navarre et Teruel, two provinces known for their longue tradition and its favorable climate for the harvest of a good quality truffles. The price varies according to the gauge, the category (extra, first and second category) and the quality of the product. No matter about how it look like but the maduration and aroma.

HOW TO CONSERVE Teruel Black Truffle

Truffles lost his aroma and qualities gustatives quickly. Fresh truffles cannot be preserved more than 8-9 days. To preserve it, you should to wrap it in absorbent paper and put it in the fridge in a hermetic tupper. Each day you should drain and change the absorbent paper to prevent rotting.
If you put some eggs in the same tupper, they will acquire the flavour and taste of the truffle. It is necessary to drain the eggs too for prevent rotting.
If you want to preserve your truffles more time, the best is to freeze it. You can cut it and preserve separately for pull out a little a time.